Biography of Carlos Luis Candido o Álvarez Álvarez (1928-2006)

Journalist and Spanish writer born in Oviedo on January 14, 1928 and died in Madrid on August 15, 2006. He/She was best known by the pseudonyms of "Candide" and "Arturo".

He studied law and enrolled at the official school of journalism, where he/she graduated in 1955. His career in the journalistic world began in the Madrid daily ABC, where he/she worked between the years 1956 and 1978. He/She collaborated in up (1975), town (1976) and the index magazine, where he/she was Deputy Director from 1969 to 1970. He/She returned to ABC for two years and, at the same time, directed La Codorniz and joined the Group Z.

In 1982 he/she was appointed head of the press office and external relations of RTVE, but resigned four months, after which belonged to the Board of Directors of the EFE agency. During this period, he/she collaborated with time and Interviú, El Periódico de Catalunya and in the OTR information agency. He/She was an advisor of Grupo Zeta and worked for a while in the news from Antena 3 as political commentator; He/She was also President of the Association of European journalists (APE) and, in the last years of his life was part of several juries in awards, among others, the Prince of Asturias Award (1993), II Prize Asturias of journalism and the Theatre Prize Mayte.

He wrote several works, including the hundred and one last hours of Candide, the wheel. Misery and splendor of India (1965), penultimate hour, Azorín before film, Red Riding Hood and the wolves (1976), a journalist during the dictatorship (1976), from yesterday to today (1978), seventy-four articles of Candide on ABC (1982), forbidden memories (1995) and the blood of the rose. The power and the time (1982-1996)

Throughout his career, Candide was object of numerous awards and distinctions, among which are the Premio Luca de Tena (1961), the journalist of the year (1968), the theatrical Forum Award for the best critical work (1973), the Mariano de Cavia (1976) and the European Journalism Prize, awarded by the International Association of European journalists (1991); In addition, in 1996 the Press Association of Madrid awarded Javier Bueno Prize to the best journalistic work of the year, awarded by the Madrid Press Association, and was awarded the Golden pen of the Club's writing.