Biography of Carmen Álvarez-Arenas Cisneros (1948-VVVV)

Spanish politics, born in Madrid on August 3, 1948. After high school, he/she studied higher address Secretariat and a Masters of business address.

He began working in the private, then four-year-old company, go to the public administration, where he/she worked for another four years. Subsequently, he/she served as a insurance agent and later as President and Director of a service company.Popular Alliance (currently, people's Party) has been Secretary of the Area of family and childhood, General Secretary of the National Commission for family and middle classes, President of the National Commission of SMEs, Chief of the Cabinet of follow-up of the action of the Government, Member of the national directive Board and member of the Regional management of Madrid.Elegida a member of the Assembly of Madrid in the autonomous elections of July 1987He was spokesperson for the Popular group in the Committee on economy and employment of the Madrid regional Parliament.

In the elections of May 26, 1991 was re-elected Deputy in the Assembly of Madrid by the people's Party of which he/she is Deputy spokesman. Besides vocal is the Committee on European Affairs and spokesman for the same group in the Committee on economy and employment. As a member of this Commission, in March 1992 it presented a plan on behalf of its group in the Assembly to reform the public sector of the community, to understand that in the situation then it made impossible the fulfillment of the Maastricht European agreements, signed by the central Government, and also impossible the financing agreement of the autonomous communities with the Finance Minister. He/She is married and has five children.