Biography of Eliseo Álvarez-Arenas Pacheco (1923-2011)

Admiral of the Navy Spanish and academic of the Royal Spanish Academy of language, born in Ceuta on December 23, 1923 and died in Madrid on September 21, 2011.

He joined the Navy in 1941. It amounted to Lieutenant de Navio in 1949, Lieutenant Commander in 1960 and ship captain in 1977. He/She was graduated at the United States Naval War College Naval Command Course, in 1977. In 1982 reached the rank of Rear Admiral and in 1984 of Vice Admiral. Promoted to Admiral employment in 1985, destinations served include command of the frigate Cataluña, headquarter of the 31 squadrons of frigates, Cruiser Méndez Núñez and staff of the fleet. He/She was Professor of the Naval school, major Director of the E.T.E.A., President of the Board of Trustees of houses of the Navy and Chief of logistical support. He/She was diplomatic in greater State of the Navy and specialist in electricity.

He was in possession of several national and foreign decorations. He/She had the command of the fleet as Commander and general captain, in the employment of Admiral. In 1985 he/she was appointed Captain General of the maritime area of the Cantabrian, until January 4, 1988, when it became the reserve situation.

Essayist and columnist, published several books, among them the Spanish before the sea: test of a misunderstanding (1969), war theory of Spain (1972), the war and his men (1983), Idea of war (1984), the sea in the history of Spain and doings of wit: Politica-estrategia - history, the naval in 98 (1987), theory of naval thought (2001).

On May 4, 1995, he/she was elected academician of the Royal Spanish Academy and occupied the armchair b small, vacant since the death of Cardinal Enrique Tarancón, he/she took possession on February 4, 1996. His speech of access was on song to the sea and was answered by a academic Pedro Lain Entralgo.