Biography of Darío Álvarez Basso (1966-VVVV)

Venezuelan painter, born in 1966 in Caracas. In 1983 he/she attended as a free student of the Faculty of fine arts in Madrid and during the academic year 1985-86 attended in Madrid several workshops of art current of the Círculo de Bellas Artes, beside the Darío Villalbaand Gustavo Torner, Eduardo Arroyo , among others.

In 1988 he/she won a scholarship to reside at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, and the following year received the first prize of painting Santa Lucia. In 1989 he/she was awarded a scholarship for further studies in the Spanish Academy of fine arts in Rome.

His early works are performed in a style informalist, gestural and textured, upstream of the dominant expressionist figuration in Galicia, where had his residence. He/She later moved to Paris, where he/she lived several years.

In his work, reflective and evocative nature, matter grassed Tàpiesline he/she used, and there are elements such as teeth, sawing, circulos-ojos and arabizantes writings. Stress is an essential part of his poetic and is derived from the presence of figurative symbols of narrative will in paintings conceived in an atmosphere close to the abstract expressionism.

After his year of stay in the Academy of Rome, in 1991 he/she settled in a small village called Pissiliano high, located in the Italian region of Umbria, where he/she lived until the end of 1992, they moved to New York.