Biography of Carlos Álvarez Cruz (1933-VVVV)

Poet and Spanish essayist, born in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) in 1933. Author of an extensive poetic production that evolved from a few early firmly committed to political struggle against the dictatorial regime, to a deep and intimate tone in which their deep ideological convictions still have room, is regarded as one of the poets of social power that followed live in Spanish letters during the decades of the 1970s and 1980s.

The accused political orientation of his first literary period resulted in a series of semi-underground poems which, for obvious reasons, saw the light outside the Spanish borders, in different parts of Europe such as France, Italy and Denmark. At the end of the Decade of the 1960s gave to press his first collection of verses published in Spain, who now are poems (1969), followed by other poems as interesting as Eclipse de mar (Barcelona: Saturn, 1973); Howl of the Werewolf (Madrid: Ayuso, 1975); The Bell and the hammer pagan to the white horse (Madrid: Ayuso, 1977); As the foam fight with rock (Madrid: Zero, 1976); A somber time verses (Madrid: Zero, 1976); Time of harvest and other herbs (Madrid: Helios Editorial, 1976); Hail, María and some secular prayers (Madrid: Casa de Campo, 1977); The poems of the Bard (Barcelona: Lumen, 1977); Poems for analysis (1977); Edges and dark Tales (Barcelona: Víctor Pozanco, Editor, 1980); The Heiligenstadt Testament (Madrid: Ayuso, 1985); Return to the homeland (Madrid. Ediciones Vosa, 1987); and between terror and nothing (Madrid: Endymion, 1989). A first anthological selection of verses from the poet Jerez saw the light at the end of the 1970s, under the title of Álvarez: Anthology (Madrid: Editora Nacional, 1978).

In addition to these poems, Carlos Álvarez Cruz is the author of the literary essay in Word and in writing (Madrid: Ediciones Vosa, 1990), and a book on Lloresn Poy (Madrid: Ediciones Rayuela, 1977).