Biography of Domingo Pantaleón Álvarez de Abreu (1683-1763)

Spanish religious born 27 July 1683 in Santa Cruz de La Palma. He/She studied Latin and philosophy in the convent of San Agustín de La Laguna. He/She moved to the Peninsula, where earned a doctorate in royalties for the University of Ávila. In 1715 he/she received as racionero of the Canaria Cathedral. Archdeacon of Tenerife and the Canary Islands. In 1737 he/she was appointed Archbishop of Santo Domingo, where he/she arrived in 1739, and where he/she made the journey that was recorded in Compendiosa news. In 1743 he/she governed the Diocese of Puebla de los Angeles (Mexico). He/She died November 28, 1763.