Biography of Gabriel Álvarez de Toledo y Pellicer (1662-1714)

Poet and Spanish polygraph of Portuguese descent. He/She was born in Seville and died in Madrid. He/She was a senior officer in the Secretariat of State and Librarian of Felipe V; It was also among the founding members of the Royal Spanish Academy. His literary work is above all poetic and is characterised by its moral and philosophical tone with strong influence of the great poets of the 17TH century. Torres Villarroel published in 1744 his posthumous works of poetry, including burlesque poem entitled La Burromaquia. The first volume of his history of the Church and the world, which contains the events from the creation to the flood, appeared in 1713 and is representative of the scholarly writing that often would be in the 18th century.

Gabriel Álvarez de Toledo, "A Rome destroyed".