Biography of David Álvarez Díez (1927-VVVV)

Spanish businessman born in Cremens (León) in 1927. Creator of Eulen group, has managed to form one of the groups dedicated to providing services to major companies in Spain.

After finishing his studies, he/she decided that what I wanted to be was an entrepreneur. His first action was to create, at the beginning of the 1950s, an Academy for training young people. Teaching will have a weight of capital in the management of the future Eulen. However, he/she wanted to go further and therefore decided to provide certain services to other companies.

In 1962 he/she created his first Sun services company dedicated to the cleaning of buildings and premises. From Bilbao, where he/she established its nerve centre, it was moving to other towns diversifying the business to adapt to the needs of the market.

Created Inserhig (cleaning of hospitals) and CLM (storage, cleaning and maintenance) where able to work people with some type of disability. In order to meet the needs of the employees cleaning products, Álvarez created Demasa.

After its entry in the maintenance of industrial installations, Álvarez saw the need to train employees. So he/she created in Bilbao the methods and times (later Institute Eulen training) school.

But the market was also demanding security companies. As a result, Álvarez got their dream of having a full-service company and created in 1974 Prosesa security company.

The Group was being increasingly difficult to manage due to the diversity of activities. To carry out proper management, Álvarez created the consultancy services European whose initial objectives were soon extended to sectors such as gardening or pollution control. Also created a common logo for quick recognition by consumers of the brand. Opted for an OWL whose word in German (Eulen) was established as a brand name.

The creation of the Institute Eulen responds to one of the biggest concerns of Álvarez: the training. Today the Institute is a member of international organisations of vocational training and is one of the most important in Europe.

To complete the service provided to companies in regards to the comprehensive security, Álvarez created in 1986 the Center Can Padró, near Barcelona, where provided preparation adequate fire protection, survival, detection of explosives, etc. Eulen management has always been controlled by the family. So much so that the children of Álvarez have been incorporated into management positions in the group.

In 1982 Álvarez decided to try their luck with another alien to his own, sector thus decided to acquire the Bodegas Vega Sicilia, which returned to Spanish hands. These wines are now within the top twelve in the world. They were not unique wineries who also acquired wineries Lyceum (with denomination Ribera del Duero) and wineries Hungarian Tokaji Wine producing Oremus.

A new reorganisation in 1989 grouped the various branches of the group through a process of melting, however, this did not mean the closure of new activities, since shortly after the company Flexiplan (dedicated to recruit professionals for temporary jobs) or Socio-health services (care for the elderly) was created

Among the awards that Álvarez has received are: Lions entrepreneur of the year, Lion of the year and awards for best entrepreneur of publications such as market, money, leaders and others. Also it has been awarded the Premio Víctor de la Serna for their work for the dissemination of Spanish wines.