Biography of César Alvarez Dumont (1886-?)

Painter born in Vila Real (Portugal), but that made his studies and career in Spain, where he/she died in date which has not come down to us. He/She earned several medals both in painting and in sculpture and engraving, as well third and second class obtained in the national exhibition of 1887 and 1890 by pictures combat heroic in the pulpit of the Church of San Agustín de Zaragoza in the second site, in 1809 and the great day of Gerona (September 17, 1809), respectively, and in 1892 by episode of the war of independence. After spending a season as a pensioner in Rome, taught at several academies. They are your pictures as Tamer of snakes, the defense of the Tower of San Agustín, or episode of the war of Africa. It belongs to the so-called second generation of historical painters.