Biography of Emilio Álvarez (1939-VVVV)

Uruguayan footballer, born in Montevideo on February 9, 1939. It belonged to the national Club, the Uruguayan capital. He/She started playing football in 1951, in the playground equipment at the Nacional of Montevideo, but in 1956 it had to leave the practice of this sport, to be undergoing an operation on both knees, as his long legs not endured the weight of your body. An orthopedist fixed the problem and made him a long treatment to eliminate the painful varicose veins affecting the legs.

He returned to football in 1960, in the Nacional de Montevideo, and played three friendly matches against the Soviet Union, Hungary and Argentina. In 1962 played the World Cup, to return to the ranks of the national and leave football in 1971.