Biography of Eudófilo Álvarez (1876-1940)

Narrator and Ecuadorian politician, born in León in 1876 and died in 1940. Although it was present in his capacity as a public man, in main avatars of Ecuadorian politics from the first half of the 20th century, today he/she is remembered primarily as writer, thanks to his epistolary novel entitled Abelardo and eight letters of love. This narration, considered to be one of the most outstanding pieces of prose fiction Ecuadorian, ranked Eudofilo Álvarez within the universal trail of the followers of German Johann Wolfgang Goethe, whose romantic novel the misadventures of Young Werther (1774) served as a model writer Leon to build the particular loving adventures of his character Abelardo. However, in the novel of Eudófilo Álvarez (which it shares with its German model taste by psychological introspection of the protagonist and the epistolary form) can be seen some notable differences that give it an extraordinary uniqueness among the many imitations and continuations of the work of Goethe; Thus, v. gr., loving experience of Abelardo encompasses multiple relationships (and not focused on one, as in the case of Werther), and in the novel of Álvarez not dominates that tragic tone that underlies during all the German novel and precipitates its sad end.