Biography of Luis Alberto Álvarez (1945-1996)

Priest and film critic, born in Medellín in 1945 and died in the same city on May 23, 1996. He/She studied first at the gymnasium of Medellin, continued at the colegio San Ignacio de Loyola and completed his Bachelor's degree at a seminar in the capital of the Republic. In 1964 he/she travelled to Germany and Italy, where he/she made his studies in theology. He/She joined Cineclub and lovers of cinema groups and was as well as he/she began his journalistic work as a critic on this matter. In 1972 he/she returned to Colombia and was initially installed in Manizales, where he/she began to write his first comment pages. He/She then moved to Medellín and began making programs in Radio Bolivariana, until you reach the cinema of the El Colombiano newspaper page. He/She worked as Director of film by Sergio Cabrera and Víctor Gaviria and collaborated on a documentary that was made for German television. Honoris Causa in Social communication from the University of Antioquia (1996) was awarded the title. Luis Alberto is regarded as one of the main critics of cinema who transmitted their knowledge through lectures, seminars, forums and conferences given in educational and cultural institutions. This, however, not prevented him from performing his priestly mission, which was approaching with love and commitment, especially to the world of young people.