Biography of Emilia Álvarez Mijares del Real (1834-1909)

Spanish writer, born in Oviedo (Asturias) on September 13, 1834, and died in Madrid on 25 June 1909. His full name was Emilia Álvarez Mijares y Vázquez, but changed this last surname after marriage, to adopt that of her husband, the writer Timothy García of the Royal and white. The marriage between the two, held in Oviedo in 1855, were born other two future writers, Elena and Matilde García of the Real. After the birth of these two girls, the entire family settled in the capital of Spain (1859), where the poet Oviedo earned a considerable literary reputation, merced - above all - to the constant presence of his collaborations in leading newspapers and magazines of the town and Court.

But Emilia Álvarez de Mijares had already given to know as a writer before settling in Madrid. Indeed, in the middle of the century had given to print his first book of poems, titled memories and hopes (Oviedo, 1850), work that ultimately would be his only literary delivery posted in book form. Started, thereafter, to submit their writings to some media, starting with those who they had more hand (v. gr., El Album youth, Oviedo), and eventually publishing his poems and articles in Rotary's national broadcasting, as La Violeta (Madrid), the Christian woman (Madrid), El mail de Moda (Madrid), the Troubadour of the Ebro (Zaragoza)The voice of charity (Madrid), La Ilustración Gallega and Asturiana (Madrid) and the Album Ibero American (Madrid).

In addition, the Asturian writer took part in some of these collective works that had both boom and diffusion in the second half of the 19th century, as the contemporary Spanish romancero (Madrid, 1863), the Album for the abolition of slavery, poetry dedicated to S. M. Isabel II to cede most of his Royal heritage to the nation (Madrid: Cordero)1865) where he/she published the sonnet "today, Madam, to the throne of Castile..."-, and brand new Spanish romancero (Madrid: library of the Popular illustrated encyclopedia, [s.a.])-stamped where the romance titled "Sister of charity" ("under a green poplars...").

But, as already indicated above, most of the poetic production of Emilia Álvarez Mijares of the Real was disseminated through the pages of numerous newspapers and magazines of his time. In La Violeta published the poem entitled "Repentance" ("mother, what are these lights...", 3 April 1864? "); in the mail of fashion, "to my daughter Matilde" ("Soft is the aura that riza...", 1866), "Youth" ("When inflexible time goes all...", on May 26, 1868), "To Santa Teresa de Jesús on the third centenary of his death" ("childhood quiet...", 19 October 1868), and "a child artist" ("Child, that stepping on flowers...", on November 26, 1868); in the Troubadour of the Ebro left stamped the composition titled "The beggar" ("On the hard pavement...", on November 15, 1869); and the voice of charity, a great number of poems and articles in prose, among which "Peace" can be cited ("sing peace, good idea...", October 15, 1870), "The old dress" (April 1, 1872), "A girl without parents" (June 15, 1872), "to the memory of H.e. Ms. Condesa of Espoz y Mina" ("died; its name illustrates engraved in memory... "(, 1 de julio de 1872),"A visit to several poor House"(March 1, 1873),"Compulsory education"(April 15, 1873),"The nurse"(February 1, 1874),"The rich"(July 15, 1874),"Galicians"(September 15, 1874),"the heart and the head"(July 15, 1875)", "Teachers and toreros" (December 1, 1877), "Enemies of the people" (December 1, 1878), "Influence of women in man" (September 1, 1880), etc.

In addition, in La Ilustración Gallega and Asturian published other unpublished poems, such as "The Lighthouse" ("from the height of the lighthouse...", 18 February 1880) and "Despedida de Asturias" ("farewell, forever goodbye.") Already with a veil... "(, 8 de marzo de 1881)." In contrast, Iberian album American stamped three compositions that had already given to the light in other media.


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