Biography of Luis Álvarez Piñer (1910-1999)

Spanish poet born in Gijón in 1910 and died in Madrid, on 26 July 1999. Was member of the so-called generation of the 36 (in which shone Blas de Otero, Leopoldo Panero and Luis Rosales) and received the national poetry award in 1991 for his poetry collection titled in summary (1990); previously, had just published its avant-garde hallucinated Suite (1936), who was born in Gijón in the bombardment of the city by the troops of General Franco. Finally, in 1990, his complete poems were published. Made of the deviation of the world and of its honors your philosophy of life and one of its basic poetic principles; in this regard, it should be search in good measure the origin of this personality in the fact that it was one of the losers of the Civil War, a Republican who remained faithful to his ideas until the last moment. His perception of the literary creation it reflected in his book three trials of theory (1992).