Biography of Serafín Álvarez Quintero (1871-1938) y Joaquín

Spanish comediografos born in Utrera (Seville) and deceased in Madrid. Serafin (1871-1938) and Joaquin (1873-1944) belonged to a family in which another brother, Pedro, was also a writer; along with them, were their sisters María Jesus and Currita. All of them could receive the name of Hermanos Álvarez Quintero, but fame and the street map of Madrid and Seville have reserved this label for Serafin and Joaquin, which constituted a couple so prolific as successful over many years. Studied in Seville, formed a good team and worked all life closely, with great public success, only with a hiatus during the brief marriage of the Serafin. They were members of the Royal Spanish Academy of language number. Under the pseudonym of "El diablo cojuelo" began to publish in the Seville press his writings, although they cultivated soon theatre. The first book was titled fencing and love (1888) and premiered in Seville; until 1897, with the publication of the sainete right Darling, they did not get a dream success. They wrote more than two hundred comedies and skits, about Andalusian themes and repeated arguments: grating (1897), the yard and the galley slaves (1900), flowers (1901), love that passes (1904), happy genius (1906), loves and love affairs (1908), his famous and accomplished Cain (1908), the galley slaves (1909), Doña Clarines (1909), women (1912) Puebla, Malvaloca (1912), Musa Loca (1905), or Mariquilla earthquake (1930). The staging of these works is very simple; they contain little reflection but wit abounds; the language is lively and agile as evidenced by his dialogues; their claims are lower, because it is a popular, picturesque and voluntarily light theatre and aproblematico. They also wrote librettos of zarzuela as La reina mora (1903), with music by Serrano.

Joaquín Álvarez Quintero.

Joaquín Álvarez Quintero, original voice.

[Fragment of autobiography, extracted from "The file of word" from the center of historical studies, edited by the students residence].