Biography of Corrado Álvaro (1895-1956)

Italian writer. He/She was born in San Luca, Reggio Calabria and died in Rome. He/She participated in the first world war, and this ordeal are the poems verdegris, 1917. He/She collaborated in the world and for five years traveled as a correspondent of major newspapers. From 1946 to 1947 he/she headed Risorgimento and published his first stories the beloved in the window, 1929. Life in Calabria, archaic and magical, was the main theme of people at Aspromonte, 1930. Alegorico-politico character is the novel's anguish collective man is strong, 1938 and encounters of love stories, 1940, regional-themed. Major social and psychological implications found in the trilogy: the short age, 1946; Mastrangelina, 1960; Everything has happened, 1961. He/She is author of works of trial and newspapers: Italian route, 1933; Our time and hope, 1952. Delved into the fantasy genre in Belmoro, 1957, work which did not end on the consumer society. He/She wrote a play last night of Medea, 1949, where revised classical mythology.