Biography of Emilio Alzugaray Garaicoechea (1880-?)

Spanish soldier who fought on the Republican side in the Civil War (1936-1939). Born in 1880, he/she joined the Academy of engineers in 1897; in 1920, with Primo de Rivera, he/she retired with the rank of Commander. The lifting occurs, requested its reentry into the Ministry of war, with 56-year-old, in charge of a Basque column that would act in the fighting in the sierra de Guadarrama. In October 1936, he/she was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and a month later, newly promoted to Colonel, was in charge of the reserve on the Madrid front forces. In those days, he/she took command of Republican sector that struggled in the University City, where he/she died Durruti and where the same Alzugaray was injured; Therefore, it had to be relieved by Lieutenant Colonel Ortega. Cured his wounds on February 16, 1937 he/she went on to send the 6th Division; the 27th of the same month took charge of the II Army Corps. Months later, in an operation on the mountain Herrera, in Madrid's Casa de Campo, was dismissed for Modesto. Since that time, it weighed on him the shadow of disloyalty, lost command of troop and he/she was sent to Barcelona, where vegetó up to the end of the contest.