Biography of Giovanni Antonio Amadeo (1447-1522)

Architect and Italian sculptor, documented in Pavia since 1447 and died in Milan in 1522. In the Charterhouse of Pavia he/she made between 1466 and 1469 the door of the small cloister and the sculptures of the façade in collaboration with Mantegazza. He/She later worked in the duomo of Milan, becoming in 1481 in the architect's work, previously between 1470 and 1476 he/she had made the Coleoni Chapel in Bergamo. Since 1482 he/she carried out the highlights of the Cathedral of Cremona, now dismembered.

From 1490 worked mainly as an architect, performing in 1491 the façade of the Certosa di Pavia, initiated by Briosco, in 1505, the dome of the Saronno sanctuary and in 1513 Incoronata in Lodi, but certainly his masterpiece is the Colleoni Chapel where the central plan scheme and organization of Renaissance space are practically cancelled by the rich sculptural and polychrome decorations. His work reveals an assimilation of the Florentine culture interpreted under a live lombardo decoration.

Façade of the Certosa of Pavia.


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