Biography of Conde de Saboya Amadeo I (ca. 1010-ca. 1051)

Third count of Savoy, Belley, Nyon, Aosta, Salmorenc and Moriana, born about 1010 and died to 1051. It took the Barcelona title on his father's life, with which he/she shared the work of the Government of the Duchy of Savoy. He/She was known by the nickname of Coda, according to Chronicles, because to attend the coronation of Henry III as King of the Romans, the Emperor told him that leave his retinue (coda) outside the Cathedral.

Almost surely, Amadeo I was the firstborn son of the founder of the dynasty of Savoy, Humberto I of the White hand. Its first mention in the documentation is April 8, 1022, a concession made by the Bishop of Langres to his father. Also with his father and his brothers Otto and Bishop Burcardo, he/she attended in date not specified a donation made by Aimone of Pierrefort in the monastery of Cluny. Amadeo appears in other documents without date, accompanying his father and his brothers Otto and Aimone in donations to Cluny and Matassine Church.

Before October of 1030 Amadeo was already married to a such Adelaide, of unknown family, and had assumed the titles of count of Savoy and of Manteyer, as evidenced by a certificate given in Grenoble for donation to the monastery of Cluny of the Church of Saint Maurice di Matassine. Also witness in the diploma his Otón brother, Umberto, with his wife Ausilia, King Rodolfo III and Queen Ermengarda. Another document undated mentions Amadeo alongside his father in the donation of some noble to the monastery of Savigny. With the title of count Amadeo appears as a witness on a donation made by Humberto I in 1040 in favor of the Church of Aosta and then also with his brothers in a similar document dated January 1042 for the benefit of Saint-Chaffre. 10 June 1042 made donation, along with Humberto and Otto, of the Church of San Lorenzo de Grenoble Echelles. The last document in which Amadeo is mentioned is the year 1051, that it must have been very close to his death.

According to a chronicle of the century XIV Amadeo would have been buried in the Church of San Giovanni di Moriana. Had at least two sons: Humberto, who died during childhood; and Aimone, who was Bishop of Belley; It is doubtful, although there is testimony that Amadeo I had also a daughter, who would have married a member of the House of Geneva.


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