Biography of Conde de Saboya Amadeo II (ca. 1050-1080)

Fifth count of Savoy (1078-1080), born to 1050 and died in Turin January 26, 1080.

Second son of count Otón I of Savoy and his wife, Adelaida of Susa, Countess of Turin, already in 1070 appears along with other Burgundian nobles pronouncing the oath at the graveside of San Pedro and protect the Holy See. The same oath was recalled by the Pope Gregory VII to Burgundy Guillermo in 1074, with an invitation to prepare, together with other Western princes, among which Amadeo II, was an expedition to the East in support of the Byzantine Empire. This is interpreted as a product of good relations of Piedmont and Savoy during the time of the Countess Adelaide.

Early in 1077 Amadeo II went to Piedmont along with his brother, the count Pedro I, his brother-in-law, the Emperor Henry IV, and his sister Berta de Saboya, wife of the Emperor, to carry out the reconciliation of the excommunicated Henry with the Pope. Amadeus II and his mother escorted the imperial expedition to Canossa, where it took part in the negotiations between the Pope and the Emperor, becoming guarantors of the good will of Henry against Gregorio VII.

July 16, 1078 intervened, along with his brother Pedro, on a donation made by their mother in favour of Novalesa. The date of his death, offered by the Necrologio of San Andrés of Turin, is confirmed by the existence of a donation from the March 18, 1050 from her mother to a monastery for the suffrage of the souls of his sons, Pedro and Amadeo.

Amadeus II had married such a Giovanna, daughter of count Geroldo of Geneva, which had several children: Adelaide, wife of Manassé du Coligny; Ausulia, Humberto de Beujeu woman; Umberto II, who succeeded him; and Otto.


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