Biography of King of Sumer Amar-Sin (2046-2038 a.C.)

(Die - no or die - Zu-in) Third King neosumerio of the third dynasty of Ur, son and successor of Shulgi, according to the Sumerian real list. Disappearing Shulgi, perhaps murdered by the own Amar-Sin and other siblings, the throne was occupied without any problem. Nine of the new King Government passed within a peace general, only broken by two expeditions against the Kurdistan and one against Elam, resolved victoriously. He/She knew, on the other hand, control and incorporate into their empire the distant Assur (city in which appointed a Governor) and maintain its authority in remote Eastern regions. Internal peace and economic prosperity — because it maintained commercial relations with Byblos, Tuttul, Mari, Ebla and Urshum - allowed Amar-Sin devote himself to building lavish temples and public buildings across Sumer and Akkad. An inscription is known that it was titled "God of life" and "The Sun God" of his country, in an excess of megalomania. Omens texts allude to his death, a somewhat strange, motivated by the bite of a shoe or the acorneamiento of an ox (Esagila Chronicle). He/She was buried next to the remains of Ur-Nammu and Shulgi, in a mausoleum of the royal necropolis of Ur. Despite having 18 kids, on the throne his brother Shu-Sinhappened.