Biography of Giovanna Amati (1963-VVVV)

Pilot of Formula 1 Italian, born in 1963 in Rome. Daughter of the owner of a chain of cinemas, their attraction to the world of motoring manifested since childhood. In 1978, when he/she was total years, was kidnapped in Rome and after the payment of the ransom, released; days later, the Italian police captured the Chief of the band, which was condemned by the justice. He/She then began a difficult stage for Las, reportedly suffered from so-called "Stockholm syndrome", and that was partly thanks to the fact that he/she enrolled in a school of pilot.

Already in the world of Motorsport, in the season 1981-82 competed in Formula Abarth, where went on to Formula 3, category in which they competed for three years. Between 1987 and 1991 participated in Fomula 3000 - gateway to the Formula 1-, although it was not very successful, since it only took the exit in the middle of the thirty-two races where they had enrolled; He/She became seventh in Le Mans 91, the best result of the year. In 1992 he/she was signed by the Brabham Team, and while he/she denied it categorically, is that it brought a dowry of over two hundred million pesetas to run.

So far, Amati has not won any race in the bosom of the Brabham Team, although the fact of joining a team of F-1, for this woman is just "a starting point". Currently, Giovanna Amati, who perfectly mastered four languages, is joined sentimentally pilot Luis PĂ©rez Sala.