Biography of Carlo Ambrosini (1954-VVVV)

Italian Strip cartoonist, born in Azzano Mella (Italy) on March 15, 1954.


He received artistic training since his youth. It is a draughtsman of great expressiveness, very effective in realistic representations. In 1976 he/she received from the Dardo publishing your first orders as an Illustrator. Under the direction of Enzo Biagi, participated between 1978 and 1982 in an ambitious project, the Storia d' Italy to Fumetti. Likewise, becomes in Illustrator of a series of success, Ken Parker, originally created by Giancarlo Berardi and Ivo Milazzo, and then drawn by important illustrators, such as Giancarlo Alessandrini.

The Orient-Express magazine publishes his his first historical series, niche Macchia, set in the 15th century. It accomplishes with her good commercial reception and sale to other countries, such as France, where you edit from 1986.

Most outstanding works

1978-1982: Storia d' Italy to Fumetti.1983: Ken Parker.1984: niche Macchia.