Biography of King of Babilonia Amel-Marduk (562-560 a.C)

(Mulu-Amar.Ud or Evil-Merodach) Third King of the dynasty of Babylon X (Chaldean dynasty), son and successor of Nabucodonosor II. Amel-Marduk 'Marduk man' did not have the sympathy of his people, because of its arbitrariness. He/She reigned for only two years and was killed in a Palace revolt, caused by his brother-in-law Nergal-sharra-usur (Neriglissar), helped by the priests, made establishment that would facilitate it his access to the throne. Amel-Marduk gave freedom to the King of Judah Joaquinand his people, deported to Babylon for 37 years. The Bible gives to the Chaldean King Evil-Merodachname, with the meaning of damn fool, terms derived from the Akkadian am [w] the Marduk, 'Marduk man'. Ignored all matters relating to its foreign policy.