Biography of King of Egipto Amenemhat I o Ammenemes I (1994-1964 a.C.)

(Imn-m-hat) Egyptian King, founder of the twelfth dynasty, called Ammenemes by Manetho. Ignored who were his father and his mother, while in later times was believed that they had been a priest named Sesostris and a such Nefret, native of elephantine. In any case, after reaching the position of vizier, was done with the throne after the death of Mentuhotep IV, but with a strong opposition, given that it was not of Royal lineage (struggles with an Intef and such a Segerseny in Nubia, aspirants to the Throne). For a text, the prophecy of Neferty, drafted subsequent to the facts which he/she narrated, announced the arrival in Egypt of Ameny-i.e. Amenemhat I - saviour of the country, who would bring prosperity and order. Already in power and after adopting the name neswt Sehetepibre bity, restored the provincial borders by stelae and set its capital in the region of Memphis, in It-tauy (current El-Lisht Kingdom), on the border between upper and lower Egypt. Also, reorganized the Administration, putting together with the nomarchs, who returned his prerogatives, real inspectors. After some expeditions to elephantine and Uadi Hammamat, he/she devoted himself to the task of strengthening the eastern side of the delta. This raised a series of forts along the Uadi Tumilat, known as the "wall of the Prince", intended to prevent infiltration of Bedouin and Asians. Builder King, known by some statues, raised buildings in the Fayum, Bubastis, Khatana, Tanis, Abydos, Karnak and other enclaves, as well as a pyramid at El-Lisht Kingdom. It is not tested in the year twenty or twenty-first of his reign associated as he/she corregente his son Senusret - the future Senusret I-, as it had been interpreted from the Stela of Intef and some literary texts. In any case, it was then that the Egyptians carried out military incursions by Palestine, Nubia, and Libya. In the twenty fifth year, troops of Amenemhat I founded Buhen, beyond the second cataract and the 20th Nono turned to submit to the Nubians of Uauat, in the course of a campaign directed personally by the King (El-Girgaui, near Korosko inscriptions). While Sesostris was fighting for Libyan land, learned of the death of his father, killed in a plot shortly before celebrating a Sed Festival. During the reign of Amenemhat I is wrote the Kemyt or Summa and the satire of the trades, works to make people enter nursing. The latest developments in the reign of Amenemhat I and the Ascension to the throne of his son Senusret I can follow largely in the teaching of Amenemhat, preserved in Papyrus Millingen, of the XVIII dynasty, text which relates to his son the King his own death, as well as the story of Sinuhe, beautiful fictionalized account, works which were written in the reign of his successor