Biography of King of Egipto Amenemhat IV (1800-1790 a.C.)

(Imn-m-hat) Seventh King of the 12th dynasty Egyptian, son of Hetepti and Amenemhat III, with whom he/she apparently began his reign as easy. The Government of Amenemhat IV, called Maakherure as the name of Crest and probably person of weak character, is very little known, although it is known that the prestige of the country during his ten year reign continued unabated, as prove it marks of the Nile in the southern border, at Semna, or construction of the Temple of Hathor at Sinai, area in which followed by exploiting its copper and turquoise mines and which sent four expeditions. Also tested its relations with Phoenicia by find in Byblos in a casket and a breastplate with the name of the monarch. At the edge of the Fayum, he/she completed the construction of the Temple of Medinet Maadi, dedicated to Renenutet, Goddess of harvests, Sobek, God of fertility, and Horus. Amenemhat IV (Manetho called Amenemes and assigned eight year reign) disappeared line of males of the XII Dynasty, as not to let any child older than age. Power was in the hands of his sister (although this relationship is not proven), and perhaps wife, Nefersobek, cited on lists as Sobekneferu, perhaps as a Regent of one minor child. Amenemhat IV was buried, reportedly in the pyramid of Masghuna, although lately it is attached to the 13th dynasty. Amenemhat IV has not reached any statue with its head, so that her face is unknown. Not even the Sphinx of the British Muse, head to it attributed, you may be assigned, because the face was refined later.