Biography of King of Egipto Amenemhat V (ca. 1750 a.C.)

(Imn-m-hat) Second King of the 13th Egyptian dynasty, successor to the throne, to a few Egyptologists, Ugaf, and for others of Sekhemre Khutauy. According to the real Papyrus in Turin, his Government lasted only two years, of whom nothing is known. They can be assigned to Amenemhat V a fragmentary statue, found in elephantine (the head of it is treasured in Vienna), a trail of Athribis and Horus (Sankh-Tauy) name in graffiti of the Uadi Shatt er-Rigal, in addition to other textual in Semna and Askut and some statues references. Other small texts are doubtful that pretenezcan Amenemhat v (a scarab and a date of year of reign in a papyrus). The latest research relate Sekhemkare Pharaoh, whose name Sa Ra was that of Amenemhat Senebef, figured as a second King of the 13th dynasty in the real Turin papyrus. A King whose name of crest was Sehetpibre happened.