Biography of King of Egipto Amenemhat VII (ca. 1730 a.C.)

(Imn-m-hat) 13th or 15th King of the 13th dynasty Egyptian, successor HorI. Amenemhat VII, whose name neswt bity was Sedjefakare and who came to rule seven years according to the real Papyrus of Turin, are known three cilindro-sellos and a scarab that bear his name, as well as a graffiti in the pyramid of Queen Khuit at Saqqara. He/She also made some constructions in Medamud, locality in which was found a statue whose base appears Amenemhat VII qualified as Kai Amenemhat. His son, of Nubhetepti succeeded him on the throne Sobekhotep II, probably. Some Egyptologists identify this Amenemhat VII with a King's name Djetakare, quoted in a "level of the Nile" in Semna