Biography of King of Egipto Amenemope o Amenemipet (993-984 a.C.)

(Imn-m-ipt) Fourth King of the twenty-first dynasty Egyptian, son and successor of Psusennes I, who reigned as easy a couple of years. It also ruled that Menkheperre, high priest of Amun at Thebes, which behaved as a King indeed. The reign of Amenemope, which took as name neswt bity of Usermaatre Setepenamón, was allegedly short (according to Manetho, who called it Amenophthis, had ruled nine years) and of it have some archaeological evidence, as well as inscriptions in priestly mummies of Western Thebes. One of them is dated in the year 49 of his reign, which contradicts to Manetho. However, we do not know its actual activity, which would focus on a policy approach to Israel. Amenemope was buried first in a small Chamber of the Royal Cemetery of Tanis, and to be violated, was in the Chamber of the tomb of Psusennes I, in a sarcophagus of stone that had kept the mummy of his mother Mut-Nedjemet. He/She was succeeded by Osokhor.