Biography of King of Egipto Amenmesses o Amenmes (1204-1200 a.C.)

(Imn-ms-sw) Fifth or sixth King of the nineteenth Egyptian dynasty, successor of Merneptah and who usurped the throne to Sethi II. Has not reached any monument of Amenmesses, because apparently he/she merely write their name in earlier monuments, which were then destroyed or usurped; It is the case of two statues in Gurna, of the Temple of Sethi Ior its six real statues, later reused by Sethi II. In the historical tradition is considered a King illegitimate, because he/she had away from the throne to the eldest son of Merneptah, Sethi II, most likely his own father, as Amenmesses (also known as Amenmes-Heqauaset and that had become a call as the coronation name Menmire Setepenre) was son of Rameses, name Princess Takhat II, one of the wives of Sethi II.

In the fifth year of the reign of Amenmesses (Manetho credited with only three) for reasons that are ignored was turned away from the throne by his father, Sethi II, the legitimate King, who had to do this with the help of the clergy of AMN. The tomb of Amenmesses was started to build in the Valley of the Kings, but was interrupted by the advent of the legitimate King; later it was used for two Queens, Takhat and Bakheturel, mother and wife respectively of Rameses IX. Official women of Amenmesses was perhaps Tiaa, the mother of the later King Siptah, the successor of Sethi II.