Biography of King of Egipto Amenofis I o Amenhotep I (1527-1506 a.C.)

(Imn-htpw) Second King of the 18th Egyptian dynasty, Amenhotep called by Manetho. Son and successor of Ahmose I and his wife and sister Ahmose Nefertari, met a very peaceful reign in General. Named King at age ten and under the name of Coronation of Djeserkare, continued the policy of his father. He/She carried out a first Nubian campaign in the second year of reign and another in the eighth, reaching Tombos, far to the South of the second cataract - and even the distant region of Kari, expeditions that we know by the biographies of Ahmose, son of Abana, and Ahmose Pennekhbet, as well as the inscriptions of the Viceroys of Nubia (registration from Turi). He/She carried out two expeditions against the Libyans and the Asians, even reaching the river Euphrates, where laid siege to Carchemish. They weren't expeditions of conquest, but rather fast attacks focused on obtaining the loot. Amenhotep I performed numerous constructions by the high Egypt: rose at Thebes a magnificent temple to Amun and ended in some Abydos works initiated by his father. The Ebers Papyrus, of medical content, as well as the funerary text known as book of Amduat was drafted in his reign. His sister and at the time wife Meryt-Amon had great political importance, just like a princess named Ahmose, who perhaps was designated heir when the son of Amenhotep I, Amenemhat died. This Princess married Thutmosis I, who inherited the throne as Pharaoh. The death of Amenhotep I (was barely 30 years), the King, together with his mother, received funerary cult in Thebes, which lasted until the lower time. His grave has not been yet identified, although for some Egyptologists was located in Dra Abu el-Naga; his funeral Chapel be located not far from that of his mother. His mummy was found in the "cache" of Deir el-Bahari. Amenhotep I have reached different statues, knowing thus varied iconography.