Biography of King of Egipto Amenrudj II (734-731 a.C.)

(Imn-rwdjw or Rwdjw-Imn) King of the high Egypt during riots that were raised at the end of the XXII and XXIII dynasties. It was most likely a son (or brother?) of Osorkón III and his wife Tentsai, and younger brother of Takelot III and Shepenupet I, with whom he/she collaborated in the construction of the chapel of Osiris in Karnak, completed during the Ethiopian. The reign of this King of the XXIII dynasty, whose name of Coronation was Usermaatre Setepenamón, called also in the historiography as Rudamun, nothing is known, except that it coincided with the of Osorkón IV of Tanis. Although he/she is assumed a brief rule, his graffiti in the Uadi Gasus awarded a date a 19 year. It has been assumed that it was defeated by the Ethiopians. His daughter Irbastetudjaennefu was married to King Peftjauauybastet of Herakleopolis, which belonged to the Princes Coalition directed by Tefnakht I of Sais. The successor of Amenrudj II was Iuput II. Some Egyptologists believe that it would be Ini.