Biography of Carlos Francisco Ametller (1753-1835)

Spanish physician, born in Barcelona November 12, 1753 and died in Cadiz from February 14, 1835, which left written a descriptive report on yellow fever.


Son of Ignacio Ametller and Rosa Clot, entered the College of surgery in Cádiz on 21 August 1771. They were his teachers, Masdeu , Barcelona and Francisco Canivell in Cadiz. A year later he/she was appointed librarian, but left this post to enter as a surgeon on ships of the Royal Navy and spend some time browsing. Until July 30, 1783 did not return to school, and when he/she did, was as a teacher of physics. His career is inscribed in the bosom of the aforementioned institution: Secretary in 1789, Deputy director, acting in 1800 and 1802 property acting in 1804 and property March 23, 1805. This past year he/she participated as a surgeon at the battle of Trafalgar. In 1809 he/she was appointed surgeon major of the Navy, and the following year, when it was granted to the College of Cádiz School confer the degree of doctor of medicine, first Ametller receive it.

With Arejula and Coll had been member of the Commission for the study of the fever in Cadiz. Of the outcome of their investigations is constancy in a copy of the report made by the Medical Commission on contagious fever that is suffered in Cadiz the year of 1810, which published the above-mentioned Commission (Cádiz, 1811). In December 1813 he/she was appointed Minister of the Protomedicato, but this position was incompatible with the head of the school, did not accept it.

He was honorary honorary of the Royal Council of finance and Health Minister of the King in 1820. On March 22 of that year, at the head of the College, he/she swore to the Constitution of Cadiz; also continued in front of the same during the Trienio Liberal and then until his death in 1835. It is evident that, after thirty years in charge of the management of the Centre, this was in Cadiz, an institution that is stronger than the political vicissitudes, although after 1823, during the French occupation of Cádiz, he/she was one of the obliged to give accommodation to foreign officers.


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