Biography of Dominic Félix Amici (1908-1993)

Actor of film and theater, real name Dominic Félix Amici. He/She was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin (United States) on May 31, 1908, and died in Los Angeles, California (United States) on December 6, 1993.


Of Italian descent, he/she studied first at Columbia College, to subsequently move to the University of Wisconsin, where he/she began law studies. When the transition from silent films to sound was taking place, Ameche simultaneously an actor in radio and theatre work.

In the mid-1930s and after having participated in a short film and Clive of India, he/she began working at 20th Century Fox, in musicals next to Carmen Miranda and Sonja Henie, as well as all kinds of films such as Chicago, Henry King, the great miracle, a biography of Alexander Graham Bell, Irving CummingsThe devil said no, Ernst Lubitsch, and dark Pact, Douglas Sirk. At the end of the 1940s he/she returned to radio, where his success was enormous, and years later worked on television, being very told her appearances on the big screen.

The cinematic reunion with Ameche occurs in the early 1980s, with John Landis between film crooks is the game, in which the world of the film see the scale of a great actor with a maturity to be confirmed in Cocoon, Ron Howard, film which saw him win a Oscar of the Academy, and, above allthings change, by David Mamet, which received the award for Best Actor, ex-aequo with Joe Mantegna, its companion of cast, in the 15 Mostra of Venice.


1935: Clive of the India. 1936: The sins of men: Ladies in love; One of one million; Ramona.1937: Love Under Fire; Love and journalism; Fifty Roads to Town; You Can't Have Everything. 1938: Josette; The band of Alexander; Chicago; Gateway; Happy Landing. 1939: The three Musketeers; The great miracle; Midnight; Swanee River; Hollywood Cavalcade. 1940: Argentine Serenade; Four Sons; The Queen of song. 1941: That night in Rio; Looking for fame; Needed husbands; Confirm of Deny; Footprints femeninas.1942: Girl Trouble; The Magnificent Dope. 1943: The devil said no; Something to Shout About; Happy Land. 1944: Wing and a prayer; Greenwich Village. 1945: you want all women; It's in the Bag. 1946: So is my amor.1947: That completo My Man.1948: dark Pact. 1949: Slighty French. 1961: Fever in the Blood. 1966: Rag doll; Rings Around the World. 1970: Sailors without compass; Tonight we're going war. 1975: Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood. 1983: Between scoundrels go game. 1985: Cocoon.1987: Harry and the Henderson. 1988: Things change; Cocoon: the return. 1991: Óscar, remove your hands. 1992: How to survive family. Sunstroke.1994: Corrina, Corrina.