Biography of Edmondo de Amicis (1846-1908)

Journalist and Narrator Italian, born in Oneglia in 1846 and died in Bordighera in 1908. He/She visited Spain during the reign of Amadeo I, according to on-site Spagna (1873). During a period of his life, between the years 1865 to 1867, he/she served in the army, experiences that were reflected in the stories and articles written for the Florentine newspaper L' Italy militare, and whose publication in volume a year later (La vita militare) made him famous instantly. They followed several books of travel (1872-1879) and, in 1883, appeared Gli amici, extensive series of sketches on the theme of friendship. In 1886 he/she published his masterpiece, Cuore (heart), which quickly became a children's classic. The book is composed in the form of a college newspaper; through the pages of this intimate notebook we see passing the placid days of school with their sweet and serene hours, we are witnessing the dawning of the passions in the heart of the child and its channelling towards happy course. The most interesting part of the book are scattered everywhere narrations and stories as of the Apennines to the Andes, small Florentine clerk, a courageous child, the small Lombard vigia, etc., which are the principles that are the Foundation of every man of good. In its best moments the tales offer a warm idealism and certain psychological perception that have provided les an enduring attraction, despite criticisms of Carducci, who despised what in them is topical and sentimentality.