Biography of Yehuda Amijai (1924-2000)

Jewish poet, born in Würzburg (Germany) in 1924 and died in Jerusalem on September 22, 2000. In 1935, he/she emigrated to Palestine, completes his studies and enlists in the Jewish Brigade under British command. Then participate in the war of independence and teaches at various schools. When he/she published his poetry, is credited with the most distinguished awards. His work is written in an era in which have passed moments of increased nationalism, and within what has been called the "generation of the State", showing greater concern for the universal and everyday issues of poetry. In contrast to the previous stage, headed by Shlonsky and his disciples, waiving the heroic values and choose a tone sometimes antimilitarist. With other young poets of his generation he/she forms the group called Liqrat, 'to meet'.

Since his first book, now and in other days (1955) changed the tone of his poetry and is interested in human existence, experience and happiness. In his later works, as A distance of two hopes (1958), in the public park (1959), poems: 1948-1962 (1963), the time (1977), poems of love (1981), man you are and man will return, etc., addresses the topic of everyday relations between man and woman, the father and the son, sadness, etc. The language of practical life, prosaic objects, slang, joins with the poetry. He/She also published works in prose, as here or now (1963), and dramatic, as journey to Nineveh (1962), or campaigns and trains (1968).


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