Biography of Idi Amín Dadá (1925-2003)

Military and Ugandan politician. He/She was born in 1925 into a family of peasants "kakwa", to the North of Uganda, and died August 16, 2003, in Saudi Arabia. Man of elementary education, enlisted in the army under British rule and served in Burma and Kenya. In 1961 he/she was promoted to rank of officer. A year later, the country get its independence, he/she was appointed captain and perfected his education in England and Israel.

In 1966, with the triumph of Milton Obote, leader of the Uganda People's Congress (UPC), was named Supreme Chief of the armed forces. In 1971, he/she took power with a coup d ' état that overthrew President Obote. Shortly after beginning his term in 1972, expelled 70,000 members of the Asian community in Uganda.

He introduced a tyrannical and repressive, regime internationally rejected. In 1976, following the rupture of diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom as a result of the murder of one of the British hostages held by propalestinos terrorists in the Ugandan city of Entebbe airport, Idi Amin was proclaimed "winner of the British Empire" and President for life of Uganda.

In 1979, when President Nyerere responded with weapons the invasion of Tanzania, Idi Amin fled to Libya, where he/she was expelled. He/She subsequently moved to Jeddah, where he/she lived with a modest pension from the saudi Government. In the summer of 2003 entered State is in coma in a hospital in Saudi Arabia, where he/she finally died.