Biography of King of Egipto Amirteo (404-398 a.C.)

(Imn-go-di-s) The only King of the 28TH Egyptian dynasty. Amyrtaeus in Egyptian Imenirdis, was the grandson of the Amyrtaeus of Sais, who participated in the revolt of the Libyan Inaros against Artaxerxes I. Amyrtaeus was elevated to the throne on the occasion of a new revolt against the Persians, becoming crowned Pharaoh the same year of the death of Darius II. Of his short reign not much is known, though he/she ordered, incomprehensibly, the death of the Egyptian Tamos, Governor of Ionia and Eolia under King Ciro young, when such Governor took refuge in Egypt fleeing Persian retaliation. Perhaps this death ordering her Amyrtaeus to avoid problems with the Persians, or to seize the fleet and treasures of the aforementioned loans, according to the historian Diodorus. Also by Thucydides is known of an Alliance that he/she agreed with Saudi to attack Phoenicia. His name appears in the demotic Chronicle and two Aramaic Papyri from elephantine. It has not reached any monument. Upon his death, after being overthrown, there was a period of revolts, which ended Nepherites I (XXIX dynasty).