Biography of King of Babilonia Ammi-saduqa (1646-1626 a.C.)

(Am-mi-sa-du-qa) Tenth King of the first dynasty of Babylon (amorrean dynasty), successor of Ammi-ditana. With Ammi-saduqa the Babylonian Empire of the I dynasty could hardly be kept due to the internal social decomposition and the Suppression of foreign people. We owe to the Babylonian King a famous edict (misharum) that was trying to give the country a just order, and which was formerly the real dimensions of territorial control of the Empire (control over Uruk, Isin, Larsa, Eshnunna, Malgum and other districts). Another document dated his reign Venus records observations of astronomical, especially relating to the planet. Thanks to the same part of the Mesopotamian chronology can be pointed out. In his reign, the peaceful penetration of groups cassitas had been continuous; such people are rented as workers and agricultural labourers and mercenary soldiers in the Babylonian ranks. He/She was succeeded by his brother Samsu-ditana, last King of the first dynasty of Babylon.