Biography of King of Ugarit Ammurapi (ca. 1215 -1195 a.C.)

(Am-mu - ra-pi) Last King of Ugarit (Ras Shamra), apparently without connection to the dynasty that preceded it. He/She was successor of Niqmadu III and contemporary of the King of Carchemish, Talmi-Teshub, and maintained relations with the world of Hittite, then controlled by Suppiluliumas II (or Suppilulijamas), as it follows two documents that mentioned the divorce of a such Tankhuwatashsha (perhaps son of Amurapi), who was King of the Estado de Khabishshe, and the daughter of the Hittite King (whose name is not collected). Given the critical situation that crossed Hatti, the Ugaritic King sent help in the form of cereals (as it is known by a text, still not published in its entirety). Ugarit, shortly after having been destroyed the Hittite capital, Khattushas, was also devastated by the fire. Ammurapi also disappeared with it.