Biography of Bartolomé Amor (1785-1867)

Spanish military, was born in the town of Palencia de Revenga de Campos in 1785. He/She was a member of the guard of Honor of the Prince of peace. The army was climbing grades of Captain, Commander, Colonel; military charges that was stripped by Fernando VII when it denied the country civil liberties. Later was imprisoned in the prison of the Chancillería of Valladolid. After a few years of exile, he/she could return to Spain and return to the army in 1833. The King appointed him Commandant-general of the two wines; two years later, was appointed Brigadier in charge of the two columns featured in the North. In Arcos de la Frontera amounted to field marshal, by his heroic performance against the enemy. He/She was a Knight Grand Cross of the order of Carlos III, of Isabel the Catholic and San Hermenegildo; declared by the courts Benemérito de la Patria, and Senator of the Kingdom.