Biography of Guadalupe Amor (1920-2000)

Mexican poet, born in Mexico City in 1920 and died in Mexico, D. F., Mexico on May 8, 2000. Author of original poetic production which distinguishes by an accused pessimistic tone in which their concerns have a place before the idea of the death or the fragile inanity of human life, is considered to be one of the most prominent voices of Mexican poetry of the 20th century.

The first period of his literary career, shut down in the middle of century with the publication of its hitherto complete poems (1951), includes some titles as interesting as I am my house (1946), stubborn door (1947), circle of anguish (1948) and dust (1949). All these poems, along with that pessimistic mood already pointed out at the beginning of these lines, also appears in another constant in the lyrical work of Mexican writer: secluded and intimate tone that exploits the experiences and everyday concerns of man, to finish underlining the elements more sad and painful of human existence.

The second phase of his poetic production includes some collections of verses which, like the previous ones, deserved the unanimous critical acclaim and Mexican readers. Among these works, it is worth remembering the titled another book of love (1955), serving God of fire (1958), all ages of the world (1959), count of poems (1962), escape from black (1966), from Queen of deck (1966) and Maltiempo (1972). Given the interest aroused in all the Hispanic literary field by the work of this great Aztec poet, the Espasa-Calpe Madrid imprint has published in Spain a valuable poetic anthology of Guadalupe Amor.