Biography of Guillermo Amuchastegui San Martín (1910-?)

Basque pelota player born on September 28, 1910 in the Basque town of Ondarroa. Amuchastegui represents one of the most controversial figures of the sport of pelota. For many fans it was a barbarian, a blowhard, the black sheep of a game in which men predominate, but to other lovers of the pediments was the great idol, the miracle of the ball, the undisputed king.

Amuchastegui sports career is sprinkled with controversial stories in which the player faced with opponents, judges and public, that caused sound scandals in the bleachers. But, despite his angry nature, he/she was a master of the curved basket and one of the defenders of the Basque pelota with greater fame. His first great victory got it in Miami to be awarded first gold basket by Byscayne Fronton and lifetime sports, accumulated thousands of trophies won in Basque, Catalan, Cuban or Mexican pediments.

The legend of this sport ensures that any another pelotari won and squandered both money and the player from Ondarroa. Anyone nor sparked so many sympathies and antipathies, and the figure awoke the permanent interest of critics and journalists.