Biography of Ana de Austria. Queen of España (1549-1580)

Queen of Spain born in Cigales (Valladolid) 1 November 1549, and died on October 16, 1580 at Badajoz. He/She was the daughter of the Emperor Maximiliano II and María of Austria (daughter of Carlos V and Isabel de Portugal). Although born in Spain (spoke English perfectly), he/she was educated in Vienna until 1567 he/she returned as promised from his cousin Prince Carlos, heir of Felipe II. However, he/she died the following year, and soon also died the third wife of the Spanish monarch, Elisabeth of Valois. To strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two branches of the Habsburg family, the Spanish and the Austrian, and in the hope of conceiving a new male heir (Felipe II only already had daughters), prepared the marriage of Ana de Austria with his uncle, who curiously had known it when he/she was not yet King and he/she was only two years old.

After the necessary papal dispensation by consanguinity, the prenuptial; signed in Madrid January 24, 1570 on behalf of the King signed the cardinal Espinosa, Bishop of Sigüenza, and the Emperor's, its Ambassador Adam von Dietrichstein. The link was made by authorities in Prague on May 4. on behalf of Felipe II assisted his cousin, Archduke Carlos. Then, the new Queen began a long journey to Spain, sailing first along the Rhine to Flanders (where was received by Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, Duke of Alba), and then by sea after boarding at the port of Bergen-op-Zoom. He/She disembarked in Santander on October 3, and from there was taken to Burgos and Segovia, in which alcazar was ratified with large celebrations wedding on November 14. Anna of Austria had twenty-one, and the Spanish monarch, forty-three, but despite the difference of age and it was a link for reasons of State by Felipe II (she was not unhappy with this marriage), there was considerable affinity between the two during the ten years marriage. Queen, single and religious spirit, did not intervene at any time in Spanish politics.

She and Felipe II had several children, but only one survived his father, the future King Felipe III: Fernando (1571-1578), Carlos Lorenzo (1573-1575), Diego (1575-1582), the mentioned Felipe (1578) and a daughter, María (who was born in 1580 and also died shortly after, in 1583). He/She cared with genuine affection of the daughters of Isabella of Valois, Isabella Clara Eugenia and Catalina Micaela. In June, 1580 he/she moved with her husband to Badajoz, to follow closely the incorporation of Portugal to the Spanish Crown. However, spread in this city of Extremadura a flu epidemic, disease that King contracted too; personally cared by Ana de Austria, recovered, but he/she caught it and because of the fever died, with little more than thirty years. His body was transferred to the Royal pantheon of El Escorial, where it paid funeral. Her husband, the King, would live even eighteen more years without remarrying. He/She was portrayed by Alonso Sánchez Coello in 1570 and the painter Sofonisba Agnosciola in 1575; as noted therein, it was well like, blonde, white skin and grey eyes. He/She liked to walk and hunt in the forests next to El Escorial.


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