Biography of Ana de Francia o Ana de Beaujeu (1461-1522)

French Regent born in 1461 and died in Châtellerault 14 November 1522. He/She was the eldest daughter of Luis XI of France and Carlota of Saboya. He/She married in Treves, in November, 1473, Pedro of Beaujeau (Duke of Bourbon from 1488). When her father the King died in 1483, his brother Delfin Carlos (Carlos VIII) was thirteen years old, old enough to rule, but did not have even the necessary capacity, so that he/she herself was named Regent. He/She ruled moderately, continuing the same policy of Luis XI of strengthening of the monarchy. In 1484 he/she summoned the States-General at Tours to strengthen his authority; This year he/she ceded the Duchy of Bar to René II, Duke of Lorraine.

However, it had to cope with the pressures of Luis II, Duke of Orléans (then Luis XII of France); in February 1485 took the Government of Paris and champagne. Up this noble in arms in 1388, was defeated in the so-called Guerra crazy. He/She and his ally Francisco II of Britain lost the battle of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier (July 28) against the captain of the Regent, Luis II de La Trémoille, who took him prisoner to the Duke of Orleans.

Around 1490, Ana of Beaujeau refused to finance the expedition proposed by Bartholomew Columbus, on behalf of his brother Christopher, seeking to reach Asian markets of spices by sailing West. It supported the link between his brother Carlos VIII and the Duchess Anne of Brittany, which was conducted from December 7, 1491 and ensured the incorporation of the breton Duchy to the French Crown. Shortly after it ceased in his duties of Regent. He/She died many years later, in 1522, bequeathing their property to his son-in-law d. Carlos of Borbón. Pedro II of Beaujeau, he/she had an only daughter, Susana, the last Duchess of Bourbon of the Valois branch.


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