Biography of Eligio Ancona (1835-1893)

Politician, writer and Mexican historian, opponent of the Empire and supporter of the Republic. Born in Mérida in 1835 and died in the city of Mexico in 1893. He/She founded the political newspaper La Sombra de Morelos and collaborated in the newspapers the wreath, the mockery and the Album. He/She devoted himself to politics from the year 1862, exercising the office of Alderman of the city of Mérida during the French intervention. He/She founded the newspaper La pill to fight the Empire. Closed this newspaper he/she founded another, the Yucatan, at junction of Yanuario Chamomile, Gabriel Aznar and Olegario Molina. Ancona and Chamomile were arrested and deported to the island of Cozumel. On the restoration of the Republic, Ancona was appointed Secretary General of the Government. He/She founded the newspaper the people's reason. He/She later held the official positions of Governor and military commander of Yucatan, Deputy of the Congress of the Union, new Secretary General of the Government, judge of the Court of circuit and others. He/She wrote historical novels (the martyrs of the Anahuac, 1870), a novel of social themes (the mestiza, 1891) and two dramas.