Biography of Carl David Anderson (1905-1991)

American physicist. He/She was born in New York. The son of a couple of Swedish emigrants. He/She studied in Los Angeles and the California Institute of technology, where he/she remained the rest of his professional life. In 1932, he/she discovered the positron, thanks to this finding the relativistic quantum mechanics of Dirac and his theory of the electron were quickly accepted, fading doubt about the existence of other particles. Anderson, Nobel Prize in physics was awarded the prize in 1936, along with Victor Hess, by this discovery. Anderson discovered another elementary particle in the same year, again during the observation of the trajectories of cosmic rays. This particle had a unit of negative charge and was thirty hundred times heavier than an electron, which confirmed the Yukawa theory about the existence of a particle that is able to communicate the strong nuclear force. In 1950, it proved the existence of V charged and neutral particles.