Biography of Eddie "Rochester" Anderson (1905-1977)

American actor born on September 18, 1905 in Oakland (California) and died on February 28, 1977 in Los Angeles (California). Name Edward Anderson.


He was a man of many in the art world. He/She worked from his youth in all kinds of shows and showed a great skill for humor, satire and irony, without abandoning the idea of entertainment that he/she learned from the environment that made him grow his parents. The world of vaudeville and the varieties was his life. in fact, he/she was able to move the weapons used in the scenarios to other fields of the world of communication that was worked on throughout his career. Thus, intervened with some continuity on the radio (area in which teamed up at the end of the 1930s with Jack Benny), and later on television.

It began in the cinema in 1932 as an extra, in roles that were not accredited. Hollywood naked (1932), George Cukor, was its first opportunity, followed by many others. He/She was part of the artistic picture of Jezebel (1928), of William Wyler, and what with the wind (1939), by Victor Fleming, and was in several films of Mark Sandrich , interpreted by his friend Jack Benny; including an improvised tenorio (1939) and Love Thy Neighbor (1940), where it took the name of Rochester. He/She received a good role of co-star in Cabin in the Sky (1943), the first film by Vincente Minnelli, with a full cast of actors of color, and in which he/she had as a partner to Ethel Waters, and which became a classic of the genre.

From the 1960s began to intervene in some episodes of the series and television programs, such as The Jack Benny Program (1950), It Takes a Thief (1968) and Love, American Style (1969).


1932: Hollywood naked; From Hell to Heaven; Hat Check Girl; The Gay Bride. 1936: The Green Pastures; Three Men On a Horse; The Music Goes ' Round; Rainbow on the River; Show Boat; Two in a Crowd. 1937: Love Is News; On Such a Night; One Mile From Heaven; White Bondage; Bill Cracks Down; Public Wedding; Melody for Two; Over the Goal. 1938: Live as you want; Jezebel; Vampire in Paris; Kentucky; Exposed; Strange Faces; Thanks for the Memory; Reckless Living; Going Places. 1939: what the wind; Honolulu; You Cant't Cheat an Honest Man; A makeshift tenorio; You Can't Get Hawaii with Murder. 1940: Love Thy Neighbor; Buck Benny Rides Again. 1941: The ghost woman; Birth of the Blues; Kiss the Boys Goodbye. 1942: Star fantasy; Six destinations. 1943: Cabin in the Sky; The Meanest Man in the World; Show Business at War; Stormy Weather; What's Buzzin', Cousin? 1944: broadway Rhythm. 1945: My boyfriend is crazy; The Sailor Takes a Wife; I Love a Bandleader. 1946: The show-off 1963: the world is crazy, crazy, crazy.