Biography of Kevin Anderson (1960-VVVV)

Film actor born in Gurnee (Illinois, United States), on 12 January 1960.


Born in a small town near Chicago, he/she studied at the Goodman School of Drama and later in the University of Paul in that city. His acting career began at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre, where he/she worked with David Mamet, one of the great playwrights of his generation. After accumulating extensive experience in theatre, he/she began to play small roles in the film. In 1988 came his big break with beyond ambition, directorial debut of the actor Gary Sinise, co-founder and partner of Anderson at the Steppenwolf Theatre. The film tells the story of two brothers farmers, played by Anderson and Richard Gere, that the fall of the prices of cereals forces embarking on a criminal career that makes them famous and makes them a symbol for farmers that the crisis in the sector has been on the street. The film gets good reviews and save the presence of Richard Gere commercially, despite being a risky production.

Beyond ambition you announced Kevin Anderson in the film industry and the actor began to appear in films of directors such as Norman Jewison and to work with stars like Julia Roberts in sleeping with the enemy (1990), by Joseph Ruben. Hoffa (1992), directed by the actor Danny de Vito from a script by David Mamet about the Union leader who mysteriously disappeared in 1974, Jimmy Hoffa, meets him again with Mamet and gives you the opportunity to act alongside Jack Nicholson and the own De Vito. The following year, he/she played a small role-sharing in rising sun (1993), Philip Kaufman. Based on the novel by Michael Crichton , adapted for the screen by himself and by Kaufman, has in its spectacular cast with Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes as two policemen responsible for investigating a murder in the building of a major Japanese Corporation in the United States. His last major appearance on the big screen is to inherit the Earth (1998), Jocelyn Moorehose, feminist review of King Lear by Shakespeare, which coincides with Michelle Pfeiffer, Jessica Lange and veteran Jason Robards.


1985: Pink nights. 1987: A fallen angel. 1988: Beyond of ambition. 1989: In 1990 country: sleeping with the enemy; Orpheus descending. 1991: Liebestraum. 1992: Hoffa.1993 The night we never met; Rising Sun; The wrong man. 1998: You inherit the Earth.