Biography of Michael Anderson (1920-VVVV)

Director of British cinema, born in London on January 30, the year 1920. Son of the actor's Theatre Lawrence Anderson and father of actor Michael Anderson Jr., begins his film career very young as Assistant Director of some of the most prestigious British Directors of the moment, such as Anthony Asquith and Roy Boulting, circumstances allowing you a good part of his country's most relevant production approaching.

In 1949, he made his debut as a director, but his prestige was not consolidated until the year 1951, with Hell is sold out, starring later Directors Richard Attenborough and Mai Zetterling. This black comedy about a novelist who comes back from the war after being left for dead is followed by a series of British productions, notably The Dam Busters (1954), war film about a famous British aviation raid over Holland during the second world war. Thanks to the support of the RAF, the images are not very current realism in the British cinema of the time.

Despite the recognition obtained in the Islands for his short career, the worldwide success not get until his next film, the spectacular around the world in eighty days. Produced by Michael Todd and William Cameron Menzies, it allows you to have one of the larger and more popular in the history of film deals. The screenplay, written by John Farrow, S. J. Perelman, and James Poe, adapted from the novel by Jules Verne, obtains the Oscar of the year 1956. His next work is another adaptation, in this case of the mythical novel by George Orwell's 1984, with Edmond O'Brien and Donald Pleasance in the starring roles. The war genre will become one of the fundamental references from his career as a director: Yang-Tse incident, with a screenplay by the author of novels of espionage Eric Ambler, or patrol rescue, American and Japanese co-production with Yul Brynner and Richard Widmark, are two good examples.

Its versatility takes you to work in international productions and in the most varied environments as, for example, the Costa Brava, where wheel film starring Anne Baxter accusing shadows (1957), or Ireland, where James Cagney gets involved in the violence of the IRA in absentia lights.

In 1960 aimed at United States young cannibals melodrama, today a cult film for his bold approach to the problem of interracial relationships. Starring Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner, George Hamilton in what would be one of his last roles, it is one of the great successes of Anderson and one of his most successful films. His next film, the thriller of mystery shadows of suspicion, has become the story of the film for being the last of Gary Cooper. Operation crossbow repeats the formula that has launched him: a solid screenplay by Emeric Pressburger, international production with some figures such as Sophia Loren and George Peppard, and one of the genres that knows best, the war. Still, this story of a sabotage behind German lines is not the expected success, nor conspiracy in Berlin and the fisherman Sandals get it.

In 1976 he directed one of his last great films, Logan's run, starring Michael York science-fiction fantasy. It returns in some way his last Orwellian and has the opportunity to address his son Michael. His latest film premiered internationally is Orca, the killer whale, opportunistic attempt to reissue the success of Steven Spielberg shark in a few years in which the catastrophic film was dominating screens of the world.


As an actor.

1938: Stolen life; HouseMaster.

As director.

Short films.

1953: 17 dial.

Feature films.

1949: Private Angelo (Co-Director). 1950: Waterfront.1951: Hell is sold out; Night was our friend.1953: Will any gentleman?; The house of the arrow.1954: The Dam Busters.1956: around the world in eighty days; 1984.1957: Yang-Tse incident; Acusadoras.1959 shadows: lights of rebellion (and producer); Mystery in the perdido.1960 boat: young canibales.1961: shadows of sospecha.1964: rescue patrol; Wild and encantador.1965: operation Crossbow.1966: conspiracy in berlin.1968: the pescador.1972 Sandals: the Pope Juana.1975: Doc Savage; Guilty without rostro.1976: Logan.1977 flight: Orca, whale asesina.1978: Dominique.1980: Murder by phone.1983: Mafia Kingpin.1984: Second time Lucky.1986: Separate vacations.1988: La bottega dell'orefice. 1989: Millennium.1998: Summer of the monkeys.

Works for television.

1980: The Martian Chronicles (series). 1986: Sword of Gideon.1991: Young Catherine.1993: The sea wolf.1994: Rugged Gold.1996: Captains courageous.1997: 20,000 leagues under the sea.

As Assistant Director.

1936: The mill on the floss.1938: pigmalion.1939: flirtatious to the fin.1940: Freedom Radio.1941: Cottage to let.1942: blood, sweat and tears; Jeannie; A published story.1946: School for secrets.1947: Vice versa; Fame is the spur.1948: Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill; One night to you.